Mike and Tristin

Nearly 18 years ago, Project One co-founders Mike Palumbo and Tristin Gleason reflected back on their careers, with the highlights including all of the successful projects they had been part of. When they asked, “what is the common thread between the most successful projects?”, they found that great Owner’s making timely, informed decisions was critical to project success. With that in mind, they created Project One to support Owners who either don’t have the time, resources, or in-house expertise to provide the high level of attention required to manage capital improvement projects.

Assisting Owners during their visionary stage, helping establish project parameters and supporting the assembly of key early team members, through proper business terms is crucial to setting projects up for success. The earlier our involvement in a project, the better the opportunity for the team to identify and manage expectations, while minimizing risk.

With custom tools designed specifically to address project management needs, Project One’s role is about the effective management of people and process to assure success. Our team works hard to provide the due diligence, research, forecasting, management and insights, providing the our clients with the information needed to make timely and informed decisions, which we believe should always remain with them.

“Working with Project One gave us the comfort and ability to make sound decisions related to our $50+ million development in Cherry Creek. With their varied depth of expertise along with their ability to manage the details, we knew our risk was being managed throughout the project. The day-to-day problem solving allowed us to keep the project moving and they were able to help us address and stay on top of issues, saving us time and money.”

Bruce Rifkin,
AT Development — Owner,
Rifkin & Associates — Monroe Pointe