Project One is all about our PEOPLE! We believe that the most important thing that we can do for any employee is to surround them with the most talented and dedicated individuals that align with our team’s culture and passion.

Project One has an amazing staff of dedicated team members, who are passionate about what they do. The pulse of our workforce is each person’s sincere dedication to ensure that our clients succeed.

Embracing teamwork, Project One’s open office environment encourages employees to discuss projects, share experiences and exchange information. Each desk is equal and there are no corner offices. This environment contributes to employees building the confidence to cross collaborate with team members for advice and/or assistance, strategize and come up with solutions! We believe that being greater than your fear of failure is important, and being positive and humble is a key factor in creating success. When it comes to the people at Project One, earning trust and respect and living with integrity resonates with those you work with.  Planned serendipity and quirkiness is celebrated with a focus on a flexible work-life balance.