Project One’s experience includes office, corporate headquarters, laboratories, healthcare, data centers, higher education, elementary education, museums, corrections, religious, sports, gaming, hospitality and multi-family residential projects, to name a few. Our depth of experience also extends to civil and infrastructure development projects including bridges, roads, tunnels, railways, wet and dry utilities, reclamations, and mass grading. We have even previously represented Metro Districts.  A sampling of our projects is located in our four divisions:

Project One has Healthcare, Commercial Building, Tenant Improvement, and Civil / Infrastructure divisions.


“The combined input from my architect, contractor and lawyers doesn’t equal what Project One provides in organizing a project so that it is delivered on-time and on-budget as they carefully lay out a foundation for success through their detailed understanding of the planning, design and construction process and contracting for exactly what you need.”

Michelle Brokaw,
CEO — Fleisher Smyth and Brokaw