The JWU Treat Hall Project included a 56,597 SF design to re-invigorate Treat Hall befitting its status as the anchor to the entire Denver campus of Johnson & Wales University. The building underwent a complete interior renovation designed to preserve and enhance the unique features of the building. Treat Hall was shuttered in 1982 when enrollment at the Colorado Women’s college declined; therefore, many replacements and extensive work to remove toxic materials (i.e. asbestos) were necessary. The structural integrity was guarded and the facility is now open to new uses.

The JWU Foote Hall renovation Project included the oldest student residence building at Johnson and Wales University Denver campus. The complete interior renovation had a design intending to return the beauty to the building, as well as bring it back to its original use as a residence hall. The two (2) significant additions created both a new student bedroom capacity and assisted in meeting emergency exit requirements.